How does the 311 program work?
The 311 program works by applying a Unit-Time-Frequency approach to induce and maintain a caloric defict.  Weight loss is achieved simply by eating scheduled food Units in repetitive cyclical pattern for the duration of the program.
How long is the 311 program?
The 311 program is 42 days long, or six weeks.  If you reach your weight loss goal before 42 days, or if you want to extend or repeat the program, you can edit the Watch settings and your My311 Program to suit your needs.
Is there an overweight limit for the 311 program
The 311 program is ideal for people who are up to 60 pounds (+/-) overweight, or have a US Body Mass Index (BMI) range of 20-32 . Goto STEP 1 to determine if the 311 program is right for you.
How much weight can I expect to lose?
There is no simple answer for this question.  Every person is different.  Every person will have different factors that affect their weight loss and their use of the 311 program.  We don't know what factors will affect your weight loss.  But with our 100% Money Back Guarantee, we guarantee that you will lose at least 10 pounds or you lose NOTHING.  You can only fail by not trying!
What type of foods must I eat?
There are no special food requirements for the 311 program.   You can cook and eat the foods that you like.  The My311 Website includes an online Food Chart to help you easily decide what foods to eat.  The 311 Program also includes a portable Tri-Fold Food Chart that you can keep with you for those times when your un-connected.
How will this affect my health
Even though the 311 program is completely natural, you should always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health, or if changing your diet, starting an exercise or weight loss program, or taking any drugs or supplements
Can I exercise while using the 311 Program?
Of course!  If you want to exercise, feel free to do so.  However, if exercise has not been a part of your normal lifestyle and you are beginning a new exercise regimen, we recommend that you proceed at a very leisurely and casual pace.  The 311 program is designed to be simple and un-demanding.  Don't try to rush the weight loss process!  And don't add stress or un-necessary difficulty to the program.  Keep it simple!  Small steps today will be great strides tomorrow!
I am hearing impaired, does The Weight Loss Watch vibrate?
Due to the small size of the Watch and the power required to operate a vibration motor, it is not possible to include a vibration feature.
I have very sensitive skin, what is The Weight Loss Watch made of?
The Watch case is made from plastic and the back cover is made of stainless steel.  The Watch band is made of hypo-allegernic 100% Silicone.  Silicone allergeries are extremely rare, but if you develop a rash or feel you are having an allergic reation, discontinue wearing the Watch.
Is The Weight Loss Watch waterproof?
The 311 Watch is not waterproof or water-resistant.   Care should be taken when using watch around water or a wet environment.   The Watch should never be submerged in any type of liquid
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